Portraying the truest picture of reality by forcing the spotlight on the good, the bad and the ugly elements of life, as seen through the lenses of gifted poet and musician, Mervin Scott, Verism Collective represents a beguiling, innovative body of musical and poetic brilliance rationed over 11 parts.

The masterpiece starts with Darkness Seeks Light - a telling title of what is to come from this 40-poem assemblage, betraying the depth of pain and anxiety harboured by a private diary keeper who ironically opens his heart in altruistic style. Empathy and intrigue are sustained responses to Scott's soulful unearthing, as he achingly recounts the background to the darkness-laden corridor through which he travels, in search of so much as a modicum of light at the end.

Darkness Seeks Light is aptly followed by Darkness Seeks Light E.P. Reloaded. Scott magically captivates through his eclectic delivery of introspective commentary with electronica and modern rock influences. We are awarded with a refreshingly edgy display of originality and evidence of his nimble artistry, both as a talented singer and lyricist. It is in this offering that we are introduced to his virtual band, Charlie Comes First. A real test of his abilities, Darkness Seeks Light E.P. Reloaded dexterously tracks Scott's personal voyage manifested through a multitude of personas he assumes throughout. Each track offers a rare insight into the depth of an anxious soul and you feel almost hurled into a place that is the artist's pensive mind state, revealing a highly thoughtful cocktail of moods and emotions.

Next in the Verism family, is shorter of the collective Retrospective. This work comprising 5 poems vindicates the old adage that some of the best things in life come in the smallest packages; Retrospective takes on a humorous stance to modern day societal issues worth its weight in gold.

The Grey falls almost mid-way in the Verism Collective chronology. The work is emblematic of a struggling soul feeling constricted in limbo - not quite in a place of utter darkness, yet still in the hope of one day attaining brighter grounds. A feeling of being chained to the demands of life is prevalent. Scott writes in 'God of Money': "...praying for deliverance from my debts / seeking your comforts and benefits. / Your promises may be hollow / but I work towards a better tomorrow." The underlying desperation to break free from a seemingly never-ending cycle in which many of us find ourselves having to slog away as we feel beholden to (as Scott describes) the 'God of Money'. The Grey strikes an intense relationship with the reader right from the get-go.

The School of Rhapsody and Therapy are two further albums. The former entertains from the perspective of - as the title suggests - a schoolboy exuding an infectious playful disposition while Therapy interchanges fluently between dark and lighter tone, with an appropriately measured trace of satire. Scott asks searching questions that perhaps we all could benefit from contemplating. It is touchingly spiritual and emits splendid authenticity. The penultimate part to Verism is Fist Full of Throttle, showing Scott in work life as a motorcycle-driving messenger, clad in biker clothing and helmet. This image is significant as it paints a picture of a lone individual steering his way through life while the rest of the world is oblivious to him and his purpose. It is a thought-provoking piece that nears us to the end of Verism, remarkably bringing us up to speed with the journey Scott has taken thus far. One afterthought is, will having "a fist full of throttle" drive Scott well clear of the darkness and nearer towards a brighter destination?

Verism Collective undoubtedly boasts a timeless feel, even though it documents eloquently one man's journey in time to date. Ultimately, this uniquely structured and awe-inspiring mix of musical and literary magnum opus, peppered with bountiful cleverness and wisdom, serves to remind us of the uncapped nature of the human mind. Mervin Scott achieves this wonderfully, expertly executing a fresh and dynamic approach to music and literature in the guise of Verism Collective. This is what mankind can accomplish by unlocking creative genius.